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Anyways I got a very stable overclock at 4.2ghz/1.34Volts with my i7 920 and it was hitting in the low 80s with the H50 PROPERLY installed with artic silver 5 and an extra fan drawing from outside air to boot. Not overclocked it idles around 37 C and hits close to 60 on prime95. Check my posts out if you want to see the system and that it was properly assembled.

Verdict, good reliable product. Not for overclocking.

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I have no problem with H50, I can overclock my intel core i7 920 to 4.30 ghz just fine with hyper thread and turbo boost (4.1 ghz without turbo boost). Depending on my room temperature, I'm getting 37 C to 45 C at idle and 80 C to 90 C at full load. The only time I get blue screen of death is when I tried opening cpu-z or core-temp application.