CoolerMaster CM690II Advanced vs. HAF932

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Dj Neta
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I really wanna get one of these two cases.
size is not an issue beacuse the HD5870 (thats what im gonna get), will fit in both cases, even in a CF config (i'll probebly get an extra HD5870 in a couple of years when the prices drop and when it'll get old and lazy).

COOLING is the main issue. now if i go with the HAF932 im only gonna be able to get 1 extra fan and put it at the bottem of the case (im not gonna replace the stock fans) and i will also have an issue installing the H50 cuz then i'll have to put the radiator fan in the rear exhaust section leaving me with only one top exhaust fan and creating a messy airflow inside of the case.

In the CM690II i can add alot of fans, im gonna go with 4 fans that will each move an AMAAAAZIIING 133CFM (thats almost double then what the HAF932 dose), and still have all of the stock fans, for a total of somthing like 5x120mm fans + 2x140mm fans, that would creat amazing airflow inside the case.
in additon in the CM690II the H50s radiator fan will not be insted of the exhaust fan and it will be on the top fan slot on the side pannel).

have a look at this to see where the extra fans are gonna be placed:

HAF932 extra fan:

CM690II extra fans:

what would you guys get?
sorry about the length...

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Whether or not you can mount the h50 perpindicular(versus the case) or parrallel is not based upon the case-that is the MB's fault. The haf 932 has MORE airflow-not less than a 690ii. One 230mm fan does the work of two 120 mm fan's with much less noise. The advertised flow of fans is always wrong. You have to check out fan reviews About have way down the page -The haf 922 has almost exact same cooling as 932-Case+fans are a bit smaller-plus this is results W.O side fan on which helps gpu A LOT

There is no 120mm case fan that moves 133cfm- even the ultra kaze
It's all PR+marketing

I would adivse the haf 922-It is plenty big-you could mount the h50 anyway-5870 CF would fit-great cooling-good price

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