COOLER MASTER CM690 II Advanced vs. SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B

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Hey guys, I just wanted a few incites on which badboy I get. I know that both companies make quality products in cases and such, but I'm kind of in a pickle on which to get.


SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B

First of all, Coolmaster's cm690 II Advanced is the cheaper of the 2 which gives it a budget appeal. I really love the front peice of the case. It has a clean look and it really looks well ventilated. It has so much holes for case fans it's unbelievable. I think it has around 11 spots for fans. The overall apeal to the case looks fantastic and rock solid. Though, could the draw back of having such superior airflow and ventilation make it loud? which is one of the reasons I want to get the Fortress 2 (ft02) from Silverstone.

I've always been a big fan for silverstone's case fans (O_o). It's a beautiful, super sleek, and clean case. It's "down to earth" feel is really attractive and gives it a solid feel to it. One  attribute that attracted me the most was it's acclaimed silence. With the sound dampening foam and stock fans, it's suppose to be very quiet. Also, with the stock fans included, I don't have to worry about getting new case fans. With only limited fans available and only stock fans included, does it have an overheating problem? How does it do with video cards air flow? One thing i noticed is that it has the same vertical rotation of the motherboard as the Raven from Silverstone. I believe the Mobo is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. I this a good design? A downside to it's glory is that it's on the pricey side. Which is why I don't know what to get.

Overall, Is it worth the extra $125 or so to get the fortress over the cm690. I know it's preferences but i'd be cool to get some feedback on you guys and your rigs for me to decide =D. How much do you like your coolmaster or silverstone case, and would you get one of the other if you had the opportunity?

Thanks a lot, and sorry if I sound like a noobie. Because I am. :)

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Alls comes down to your preferences-

1. The CM will work just fine but you will notice an audible hummmming in the background. You will not have an overheating problem with it either so it is a good case.

2. The ST will be much quieter for certain but it will be a bit hotter. No you probably will not have an overheating performance as long as you don't overlock your video card ridiculasly.

You have to decide whether you are willing to pay $125 for the silent case or not.

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I'd just like to vouch for the CM690II... huge for a mid-tower, plenty of room to work inside, feels solid but is actually extremely light even fully loaded. Can't go wrong with it.

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