configure/disable video memory?

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Hello again...i know this is a long shot, but does anyone know if its possible to partially or completely disable a video card's onboard memory?

to explain further, basically my video card "works" but their is a small (or large) problem somewhere withen the memory. I do not have the option of replacement as this point. (and for a while) The computer will not boot normally with any known driver installed (i have tried about 10 so far, including modded ones), but if no driver is installed the computer will run basically normal except a couple random colored pixels and no directX support. I suspect that because the computer works fine in 32bit color and normal resolutions that the GPU is still in working order. Basically i am looking for a bios, hardware, or software mod/program that will allow me to partition the memory and only use certain sections, or simply completely disable the memory and use half of the mainboard memory for GPU work. This should technically work for a while with directX until i can earn up the money for a replacement card. again, i know it sounds funny, but it could work. By the way, the card is a geforce go 6800.


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I tried to do that a long time ago, but it is not possible. Sorry about that.

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