computer hell, tried everything now what ???

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hi there guys. nice to see the forum back up and running so i thought id hit it with my hell with my brothers pc.

so basically one day it wouldn't boot , black screen, no post , ended up being a faulty graphics card, be he thought hed upgrade the full pc, so new mobo and processor

asus motherboard
amd athalon 2 620 processor

and i fitted it, so i know it was done right. So anyways mobo in and new cpu, and turned on the pc, so bam up comes the bios screen, no new graphics card yet. So anyways i left it to him to install windows 7.

i get a phone call saying it wont show the bios splash screen and it was asking for a file.

so i go check and yeah no bios screen, just a message saying something like boot section compatibility version ver.0008 and said looking for the file called something like m478mle which was the same number as the motherboard. So it said insert cd rom, so i put in the windows disk and nothing.

so i then clock its the motherboard disk its looking for, so i put that in, and it says erasing , then programming, then restart your system, so i restarted the pc and now heres the problem.

it dosent even boot, it turns on, all lights, no post and it wouldn't even eject the motherboard cd, i had to unhook the ide cable to get the disk drive to eject. So now there is nothing, screen stays on standby.

i tried clearing the cmos, taking the batter out, leaving it for 10 mins, then it didn't work, checked to see if it was a jumper that needs to be moved, tried that, then the cmos battery back in upside down for 30 seconds, thats what it said on the asus website.

now im out of ideas, i tried taking memory out, disconnected the disk drive, hard drive, and nothing, ive never seen such a bitch of a pc, i just dont know what to do now.

so before he puts it into a store, can anyone maybe give me some advice for what to try next thanks

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Contact ASUS, RMA your board.

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Yup, sounds like the motherboard fell apart. You can either RMA with ASUS or what I would do is RMA with the company you bought the motherboard from while under a return warranty.

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