Component "Re-Soldering"

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Hi guys, got a bit of a weird question to ask:

My mobile ITX desktop box's on-board rear-panel left-channel audio has stopped working because a capacitor on the mainboard has somehow broke off the board due to tight and awkward cabling. I'd like for ask this community of professionals for suggestions on whether or not it is safe (and easy enough) for one to self-attempt to solder it back on to the board? (I do know where it goes on the board)

If it sounds like something I should not undertake, don't worry, I can manage without it or use the front panel ports instead (I primarily use HDMI).

I appreciate your expertise.

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If you have never used solder before, not a good idea. It's not all that hard, but if you are unfamiliar with how i behaves you can easily make a mess of things and ruin the board.

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I don't recommend it, its safer to get some one who is experienced in soldering to do it. Just one solder splash or burnt/broken trace can cause more issues than fix.

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I have done soldering before but not on boards like this, but ok thanks guys, much appreciated for your time and advice.

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Correct tools are a big need on modern microelectronic pads. What is needed is a solder tip with a needle point, which isn't a common feature except in specialized kits made specifically for microcircuit repair. I have one for emergencies, but to be honest my hands aren't steady enough anymore for that kind of work.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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