Choosing the right 27" monitor for gaming

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Hey there


I'm having a pretty hard time deciding what 27" monitor I should buy.

My budget is about 3300 Norwegian krones, which is about 560 dollars.

So far I've come to think that the Samsung Syncmaster p2770h is the best of those available for my budget. Though there is very little, to no info on this screen concerning gaming use, well, not general use either to be honest. 

I do know the screen is 16:9 which isn't the best gaming aspect ratio, but I doubt it would bother me if I'm going for this screen. 

I might buy a 26" screen instead, depending on the answers and suggestions I get. Oh, and I'm going to use the screen for my xbox360 as well, so I want a screen that looks good on the xbox too.

Do you have any suggestions? Or should I go for the p2770h?


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I would go for a 24" LCD with 1920x1200 for 16:10 aspect ratio.