CHKDSK keeps on getting stuck

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Hey everyone,

One of my laptops has been screwing up and it has been very laggy even after I reformatted it. I think it is because of the hard drive so I decided to run CHKDSK on it to see if that solves the problem. I ran CHKDSK about 3 times already and every single time it got stuck at 11% Stage 4 out of 5. Does this mean that my hard drive is corrupted and that I should replace it with a new one?

Many thanks in advance to all of you out there who took your time to read this and effort to help out.

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My advice would be to run it by command line, as follows:


This will schedule the process to happen at boot, before the GUI loads. If the sticking is caused by a locked or busy file, the /P option is the best way to get around it because it will run before any software daemon or active driver is in memory.

The shutdown command isn't necessary, you can restart the PC from the normal start menu option after you schedule CHKDSK /P. I'm just a CMD junkie, and tend to just type it in because the prompt is open. Too many years working with the command prompt, this GUI thing is still new to an old fart like me.

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I believed the HDD needs a low level format.
Before doing so, we may want to backup the data we can.

Slow performance probably due to the bad sectors on the HDD.

Hope this helps.
Tech Manager, WPTinc.

Hope this helps.

Tech Manager - WPTinc.