Cherry MX Key Switches

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I have the oppurtunity to get a mechanical keyboard. I have decided to get a Ducky Shine 2 mechanical keyboard. They come in all sorts of cherry mx switches. I type and game a lot so I would need a keyboard that will allow me to type faster whilst durable to play games. I'm leaning towards blue switches but I've heard that some people have gaming problems with them. I also heard that browns are the perfect balance for typing and gaming. I am willing to sacrifice sound for performance. Which cherry mx switch will be best for my typing and gaming needs? Thank you in advance for your replies. :)



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I have experience with 3 mechanical keyboards using Cherry switches.

Das Keyboard Das Keyboard Professional Model S (Cherry MX Brown) Very nice. I put this on one of my other systems

Thermaltake Meka G1 (Cherry MX Black) * My current keyboard. Love it.

CM Storm Quickfire Pro (Cherry MX Brown) -- could not come to like the goofy 'compu-modern' character font on the keycaps at all.

I like either the brown or black switches. Browns are a hair louder than the blacks, but they have that tactile bump to let me know my keystroke registered with out looking to see.

Which switches to use (or to use a mechancical kbd at all) is purely subjective.

All I can advise is try each one out and see which feels best for you. For me, I like the blacks and the browns, but then I don't game as much with my system as I used to.


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Another advice, if you do happen to run into trouble with these switches for example, if you do happen to get more typos on mechanical switches than rubber domes, this is completely natural. You'll get use to the switches in less than 3 weeks, estimated.

Again, like what Mouse said, this will depend on your preference. Go to a store and ask if they have the reds, browns, blues and blacks for demo. Once you're given all 4 different switches to try, this may take time so think wisely.

I already got 2 mechanical keyboards; 2 Ducky keyboards: DK-9087S w/ browns and the DK-9008S2 w/ blacks. Still got 2 to go! :D

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Yeah, all depends on preference, i prefer red but i'm still with a rubber domed g510 so i'm just used to it and prefer that, maybe i'll use some black in future and never get back to dome or red switches

Red switches are smoother (at my feelings) than domes and gives response... (i know i have press the key or not) sometimes on my G510 (rubber) i can't tell if i've pressed or not, then i check on the screen and maybe lost 1-2 sec... (however in games, it's always the same keys so i'm really sure of what key i'm pressing on)

I really suggest that you try some different keyboard to be sure you want that type of keys... Personnally, i don't like ""laptop"" keyboard, not enough travel and that f**** me up... Maybe you'll love a black but not the other black right next to it so try all the keyboard you are able to and buy the one that will please you the most off all !!! (cause you'll keep it like 10 years so...)

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