Cheapest Gaming Rig That Can Run Battefield 3 Max Settings

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Please Help Im New to PC Gaming and dont know what to look for. thanks in advance

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Im not new to PC gaming,
but building a rig as i intent to, well im new to that also, one thing i do know, it might not be best to do a low budget rig,
The Crytek team managed to Keep pc demands low with there new Crysis two, so any rig that ran crysis 1 would be able to run Crysis 2, it did go multi platform also and maybe that explains a lot
they have recently patched to DX11 i understand and also high end graphics , so i dont know what that means in terms of gameplay - Demands on the PC i didnt get chance to play since then?

So far as I know, we havent heard yet what the min system requirements are for BF3, that said, i figure it will quite demanding on the average rig, and mine is if anything now below average, lol.

I want to build around an Intel i7 960 quad core, with an Asus X58 Sabertooth mobo, and a 12Gb Kinston ram set, thats not going to be cheap, I reckon the complete cost will be around the £650.00 mark with all parts. I could build a way higher spec if I had the money :-(

Maybe you might consider an Intel i5 quad or similiar and build around that, shop around a bit, and consider the many options availble, and the total costs involved, i know its taken me a while to decide,

oh also consider the most valuable Rodney reviews, that have helped me a lot and site reviews also, i will leave all the way technical stuff to the other forum mebers to help you with, ?

good luck n happy gaming

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