change fan on an i7 2600k?

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If I were to win a different fan/heatsink on my i7 2600k for my asus mobo p8p67 le would that be difficult to do because I have a basic intel heatsink/fan on the i7 now? I guess I should keep the new heatsink for a different build if the one I have is working?

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I don't understand why I am being asked for a reply?

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if it's your first time, it won't be a super easy task.
however, following the instructions step by step, it shouldn't be hard.
if you have a 2600k, an aftermarket cooler wouldn't be a bad idea at all.
actually, i would wonder why you're still using it :P

Andy Han

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Well the stock heatsink is a lot easier for beginners because all you need to do is press down on push pins and you're good to go, no worries about thermal compound or installing a backplate. If you're replacing the stock heatsink with an aftermarket cooler, the important thing to remember is to clean off the old compound and replace it thoroughly for the new heatsink. It's usually an easy process if you follow the instructions.

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A few vids...

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