Caviar blacks vs. Caviar green

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should i go toward a 1 tb black or a 2 tb green for the same price?

how fast is a black over a green?

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if for storage then take the Green if for system "windows and stuff" then the Black

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It depends on your needs. If you want the fastest performance, go with the Black drive. If you're using it for storage, go for the Green drive. The performance difference between the two is relatively large, the Black preforms notably faster.

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I can tell you from a retail side of things, we get WAY more WD Green drives back than any other we sell at the Microcenter I work at. They are junk drives. If you just need data storage get the LP/Green drives from Seagate. Much lower return/failure rate. The WD Blacks are ok, but we get more of them back than anything from Seagate or Samsung. Hitachi is the other crap drive across the board. I used to only buy and recommend WD, but after this whole flood thing, build quality has gone in the toilet. Might be better down the road once they are back up to speed and get that plant that was destroyed rebuilt.

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i found what i was looking for but thanks for the advise guys. im getting the black

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Rodney Reynolds,

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hi there i have a problem, just bought brand new wd green 2tb sata 3 64mb cache.
i have it plugged into a sata 2 port and the hdd started to make a noise and nothing shows on the bios.
i tried to see what jumper settings should the hdd work. on ssc there is no noise. on phy mode noise.on default no jumper noise. i am thinking there is a problem with the hdd

Rodney please advise

i also bought a wd black caviar for work server will try the green hdd on sata 3 port


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A noisy drive with no controller response indicates that the drive is bad out of the box.

Green drives are cheaper, but they are also less demanding on power with their rapid sleep response, and equally better on heat output. If the drive sleeps, the spindle doesn't spin, and that is the major source of heat on a mechanical hard disk. My advice is for in-system drives, avoid them and stick with the blacks or better for the better reliability and the drive transfer speeds. In RAID environments with data mirroring (RAID 1, 1+0 [often mis-referred to as RAID 10], 5, 6, or RAID-Z / FlexRAID) they are fairly safe as a disk failure won't kill the data, and the chances of two failures at once is slim. Speed isn't as much of a concern in RAID levels either, especially if you are using a larger group of drives.

By the way, SSC is Spread Spectrum Clocking. SSC is used to reduce magnetic interference, but it does hamper the signal quality and can cause controller read errors. Very similar to Spread Spectrum in the BIOS which can cause strange PC issues. PHY refers to Physical Layer and in most cases slows down the RW speeds to original SATA, 1.5Gb/s, and shouldn't ever be used unless an old controller can't identify the drive correctly.

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