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I'm new here and about to attempt my first PC Build in a few months. I however can't decide on a case. I'm looking for one with a removable tray and mid tower. I have really only seen full towers with them, but I don't want something that big. I would also like one with no LED fans never been a fan (no pun intended). As well as some cable management options.


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I would suggest the lanboy air, all cases now days come with led fans pretty much unavoidable. Just buy new ones to replace them, its not expensive to buy fans with no LEDs on them unless u buy high cfm or low dba fans.

If LED lights are bother some to u i recommend u buy the one with RED or green LEDs because they don't damage ur night vision if u walk around in home with no lights. Blue is worst choice because its almost the same a white LEDs.

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I must say that the colors of LEDs are pretty much subjective. For me, I prefer a white LED fan but for me, I'm in for fans with no LEDs in it. :)

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you can always cut the wire that powers those LEDs.