a case as brilliant as the chenbro you reviewed? (but with PSU at the bottom)?

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I have a case like the Chenbro gamer case you reviewed. In particular I love the removable 3.5" cage and the 5.25" rails.

The only issue is, that since I want a wide fanless cooler, I don't want the PSU getting in the way..

And aside from getting a motherboard where the CPU isn't too near the top of the board near a PSU at the top, the other thing I can do, and what I am looking to do, is to get a case where the PSU is at the bottom.

Have you run into any cases with at least those 2 features like that chenbro, but with the PSU at the bottom?

I called a retailer of chenbro cases and I don't think they have a chenbro case with a PSU at the bottom.

So, the make doesn't have to be Chenbro.

I figured you're a good guy to ask since you've actually seen the awesome chenbro case with the 2 features that I refer to.

I saw a case with a different mechanism for 5.25" drives and one time a drive got a bit stuck I had to put all my weight on it for it to come out.. I don't want that kind of thing happening! Drive rails prevent that. And I am happy with screws for the 3.5" if the cage is removable.. the good thing is at least I know it's very secure with screws. And I can use thumbscrews.