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Hi, I'm planning to spend around £2000 on a new gaming computer. I have decided what hardware to buy, but am unsure on the case. I have been looking at the Antec 1200, HAF X and Corsair Obsidian 800D. I am planning to build a system with either 2x HD5870 or 2x 5970, I know that the HAF X will, but will the other cases fit these cards and if so which would you recommend? Thanks

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Well all those cases will fit a 5970 (HAF X and 800D support EATX) but with the 1200 you will need to remove the adjacent HDD cage. For air cooling, I'd go with the HAF X. If you're planning on watercooling, go with the 800D.

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not sure if u have had a look at the silverstone raven rv-01, but thats a great case, i got one based on rodneys review and would never go back to any other.

not sure if its proper etiquette to put my 2 cents in on this. let me know if it isnt.