Can I Save This Drive?

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Some time ago I had 2 10,000 RPM WD 74Gb HDD drives set up in a Raid Config and one drive died. Needless to say that all was lost. I had a friend build this rig for me and since then I have lost contact with him. I am now trying my hand at system building and I am truely a NewBe to all of this. I would really like to use this drive in a new build I am working on but... I am not sure if it can be done. In the last system that died, this drive had win xp on it. I did try to format this drive and reinstall XP on it but that didn't work. I have a Thermaltake BlacX HDD Docking Station to use if I can to try and format this HDD. I just don't know if it is safe to do so on my current system with Vista running on it. I would like to format it and use it for storage if possible. I am concerned that if I try to run it XP will try to load and screw up my current (Win Vista) machine which is my first build and has been running for a year with no probs. Is it even worth the trouble should I just Nuke The thing? S.O.S. anyone!!!!

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It should work fine in a new system. When you build it, just make sure to put the hard drive in and hook it up. Then turn on the computer and have the bios boot to your windows disc. When it loads the windows disc you can reformat the drive from there and then install windows.

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I have a BlacX Duet and have never had problems using it to format drives.