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Next month i'll buy a new PC - since the old one lasted 3 years and it's time for a replacement.

I would rate myself as having a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to hardware. But it's always nice to get like minded ppls advice and thoughts on the setup i'm looking at.. here it goes:

ASUS P6X58D Premium
- From what i can gather this motherboard will support both SATA 3 and USB 3.0

Core i7 I7-930
- Should be released last in FEB. as a replacement for the I7-920. And i read that the price should be somewhat the same.. (i hope!)

Corsair Dominator 3 x 2 GB
- Running triple channel, 6GB should be more than enough. I'm not 100% sure about the RAM though.. any advice? I'm not that eager to make an massive overclocking system. Perhaps just to 3.2ghz~ish. :)..

Corsair HX850W Powersupply
- With modular cables. I'm open to any other powersupply that can deliver the same or more as long as it has modular cables.

Corsair Hydro Series H50
- From what i can gather this should be simple to install and it can compete with the best aircoolers.

Radeon HD 5970
- I'm not sure wether i should wait for Nvidias new graphiccard series. I heard that it will come sometime in march/april - but thats only rumors? And if i decide to go with the 5970 what brand is the best 'bang for the buck' card?

Corsair Obsidian Series 800D case
- Saw a video review of the case and it's really sweet.. and it can hold a Radeon 5970 (was quite supprised that it's 12-13ish inches??!)


Forgot to add that i'll use it for gaming, movies and some photoshop (the usual i guess). I do however prefer to buy high quality.

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I really like your build setup. My suggestion is to change the case. Yes, its an amazing case but $300? Also, that case is meant for tri-SLI and heavy duty water cooling. Coolmaster HAF 932 is just as nice, save some money and grab yourself an extra 6GB of RAM for photo-shopping;)

whats your hard drives?? Consider an SSD for your OS and 2x 1TB in Raid0 for Data/Gaming and your system would be elite!

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1. Might wanna consider OCZ ram-it is much much cheaper and has a lifetime warranty. Corsair to me just seems like an extra expense for little to no gane.
2. Same thing with PSU-OCZ MODXStream 700w is much cheaper+still modular. 700W is plenty for that system.
3. 5970 is great but really uneeded. Unless you gaming on two 30" it is just overkill. Oh and Nvidia's cards will be out in march/april for sure. It is not just rumors-they already have names(480,470) and will be here soon. I would wait for the competition to spark some price drops.
4. Obsidian is pure ownage but also a lot of $$. Make sure you are willing to spend multi-hundreds on just A CASE. A haf 922/Antec 902/CM Sniper also own for MUCH less $.
GL with the new build!

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I have to agree, that case is a bit heavy on the budget. I had Crossfire Setups before and can say that you will notice a difference when playing at high resolutions and AA & AF settings. Just don't expect your frame rate to double. I personally think one HD5870 is enough and in time when prices will be lower, you can get another one if needed (unless you plan on a [email protected] rig and need the space for another card in which case just go ahead).
It was mentioned before to get a SSD. I disagree because they are way too expensive. I'd go with a couple of WD Caviar Black in a Raid 0 configuration, this is just as fast and you will also have much more space for games and OS. As for storage I recommend WD Caviar Green drives as they can spin up to 7200 rpm/s if needed but usually run at 5400 and are very quiet.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding SSD - i already have an Intel 80GB (G2) that i'll keep from my old system. Same goes for a Raptor disc.

I checked out the HAF 932 - looks like a pretty decent case! But i still prefer the Corsair

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That's a beautiful setup you got there.

Are you going to overclock? If so, you should get a good custom water cooling system. Custom water cooling is much better than the corsair h50.

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i say, get the HAF932 save some money and do a RAID 0 config with 2xWD VeloicRaptors or with 2xWD Caviar Blacks...
overall great setup.

oh yah, you might wanna add another case fan just for overall better cooling and add another fan on the H50's radiator (adding the fan on the radiator is a must...).
i really recomend getting a very very powerful fan for the H50, and not carring about the noise cuz it will increase preformance by so much! check this out:
btw... this fan isn't so load and it has veriable speeds, so when you want the noise level to drop, or if not needed at all - it would be dead silent!
i say get one and install it one the H50 and get another for the case

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