Buy or not to Buy Refurbished Computer parts and Electronics

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Well.. i m searching and searching.. in amazone, ebay etc. and i see alot of refurbished items in a realy good price...

Processors,Motherborads,Game Consoles, 3D TVs..

its a good idea to buy this kinda stuff.. in refurbished version on Amazone for exsaple?

Do you ever buy Refurbished?
what is your experience with it?

I hope you can help me..


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Never buy any refurbished items... no reason, just the feelings that it been use and broke under warranty so they only change the defect component in it and maybe the other components already have 1-2 years of service so they will not last longer than a new one...

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There is a big thing to look at here: WHO IS DOING THE REFURBISHING?

Factory refurbished items tend to be of high quality, however vendor refurbished items I would RUN FROM.

An item remanufactured by the builder will have seen top-to-bottom time from a technician, and will be rebuilt to new-equivalent conditions. Look at warranties, as well, as some manufacturers won't penalize you for buying refurb items. If you do get a shorter warranty, look at add-on warranty options with "cash-back" warranty resolution. I have a couple options that I've used before below.

Vendor refurbished items, well, look for swap-out warranties, not repair warranties. Also look at their reputation. But in general, don't bother.

Getting into computer parts, again, I think this will be about the same in the eventual quality of the refurb parts. I commonly use refurb hard disks with little problem. The failure rate is around what is expected out of new drives, but again I am working in mirrored RAID arrays so I am less concerned about a drive failing and losing data.

1) I purchased a Kodak Zi8 pocket vid camera, factory refurbished, from Newegg, at 30% of the new price, and added a 2-year cash-replacement warranty at 10% of the new price, so in the end at less than half of a new camera I had a perfect version with double the warranty. This camera is now going into it's 3rd year and is still going on strongly.

2) I purchased a Canon EOS T2i camera body, factory refurbished, from an Amazon dealer, at 75% of the new price. Canon honored the 1-year warranty, and the supplemental warranty extension (purchased from Canon) was less, reflecting the lower purchase price. To date, this camera has been cleaned by Canon once (free warranty service) and otherwise is working fine.

3) I also purchased a Canon EOS 28-135mm IS USM lens, factory refurbished, from an Amazon dealer, at 50% of the new price. Canon honored the 1-year warranty, and the supplemental warranty extension (purchased from Canon) was less, reflecting the lower purchase price. This lens showed a bad seal, and was taking on dust from the outside, and Canon replaced the lens for free.

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This may help:

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My ex-leased 20" monitor has been running fine for 3 months now. But it's the price tag you also need to look at. Mine was meant to be 120NZD, but they cut it off to only 113. Kinda nice of them :P

Remember, some stores may falsely advertise a brand new product, which in reality, they were bought from overseas from a second-hand vendor. I heard about a store that does the same and many consumers weren't happy with them; bad RMA experience, sending out wrong products, or even putting together a dead product like a phone and revive it only just to die again in the hands of the buyer. Plus, no refunds mostly. Yet, they tried to fake their ratings.

So it's also consumer wise to regonise them well before you get anything from them. When I got my 3850 video card from those dealers in store, I didn't know they were quite dodgy.

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Thanx guys.. that was realy Helpfull!

Sorry for my English! ...

See ya Around!

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Well a warranty always works for me. I always want to protect my purchase.