Building a System from scratch

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Ok so I have finally decided to stop buying pre-built systems from Dell or getting hand me downs that I end up scraping for parts to keep my system some what up to date. My question is this, I have the motherboard already... Should I go for the case and power supply first or should I get the Processer and guts first?

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what motherboard and case do you have?

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Components like the power supply and case should be the last components to consider on your list since those items are largely determined by your CPU, motherboard, video card, etc.

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We would need to know what motherboard you have to help you.

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Power supplies should only be selected AFTER you know what your total system peak draw will be. Razear is definitely on the right track, that this should be on the end of the selection process, not the beginning.

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Just following up on what the others said. :)

It makes more sense on getting the guts of the Computer first. We need to know which motherboard you have before we can help you out on things like the CPU, GPU etc. Purchasing the PSU and Case are just about the last things you should choose because you need to figure out how much power your system will need and wether or not your components will fit inside your case. For example, your graphics card might be too long for the case, or the motherboard might be a different form factor. :)