Bloomfield Setup?

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Ok so i was looking into getting a new rig something a little over the top. I dont want the "BEST" of the best but something close to it. So i was wondering what would be the best setup to use? I want to use the x58 chipset to have the option to use the new core i9 that will be coming out if i want to, also i want to use 2 ATI 5870's in crossfire.

So what would be the best motherboard to go with (give me a few options plz, i have always been a fan of EVGA so just a thought)?

Also, i am going to be building this rig using the Corsair Obsidian 800D case and was wondering if air cooling would be enough for the hardware im putting in or would it be a good idea to get into water cooling (have no clue about water cooling)

Any pointers would be great!

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1. Either the EVGA x58 SLI or ASUS usb 3.0 MB's are awesome but I would get the Asus because usb 3.0 is gonna be a lot faster(I use usb sticks for torrents so need fast USB).

2. Do you already have the case? the 800d is extremely expensive for a case. A CM case for $100 will give you BETTER cooling+be just as big. The only reason the 800d is so expensive is the brand-Corsair.


3. 2 5870's? Why? do you have more than one 30' monitor? GTX 480 is on the horizon and from what I hear it is a beast. I would atleast wait and see what the green team has to offer before jumping to glitchy crossifre.

4. As far as cooling goes I always recommend a Corsair h50-It is a self contained no maitenence water cooling+outperforms all air coolers. However if you are afraid of WC then a Titan Fenrir or Xig Dark Knight will do you right.

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