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I got a question. What socket has better performance. The LGA 1366 or LGA 1155?

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LGA 1155 is a newer generation socket, although not directly the successor of LGA 1366, the chips are still faster.

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775 < 1366 < 1156 < 1155

Yes, 1155 > 1156

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viperman5686 wrote:775 < 1366 < 1156 < 1155

Yes, 1155 > 1156

It goes more like this:

775 < 1156 < 1155 < 1366 < 2011

1366 was the king until 2011 came out. The problem with both of these platforms is the cost though. 1366 and 1155 are pretty comparable. 1366 is still slightly better, but it's not really worth the cost anymore. The highest end cpu for 1366 is the 990X, but that's still $1000. If you want comparable performance then go with 1155. The i7 2600K (1155) is almost as good as the 990X and is only around $300.

If you want the best of the best though, then you're going to have to go with socket 2011. The only problem with that is the price though. The only cpu out for the platform right now is priced around $1000.

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Well, the performance of 1155 is generally more desireable for gaming and single-threaded applications. The platform's performance per core is better. The areas where 1366 would win are obviously in heavily multi-threaded workloads where the 1155 platform will fall behind merely on core count, otherwise there's no advantage to the platform. Sandybridge is a newer architecture - it having lower performance overall would be odd, but as stated. 4 vs 6 cores in multi-threaded applications; the victor is obvious and not due to 990X being superior to say 2600K. And as you say: a $1000 CPU vs a $300 CPU. The $300 CPU takes the lead in half the benchmarks.

So if you're gaming, investing in 1366 wouldn't be a smart choice - not even if you got unlimited funds.