Best Water cooling loop

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Best Water cooling loop
I'm going to be water cooling my rig in an 800D, but I would like to know which order of the loop would be best.

Reservoir -> Pump -> 3x 470 Blocks -> 240 Rad -> North Bridge -> CPU -> 360 Rad -> Reservoir

or this

Reservoir -> Pump -> 240 Rad -> 3x 470 Blocks -> North Bridge -> CPU -> 360 Rad -> Reservoir

or is there a better way than this that I am not seeing.

Here is a picture of the setup I plan to do of the second setup, but for both all the parts will be in the same place.

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I'm not very familiar with water cooling, but from a common sense/engineering standpoint, you're going to want your "cold" water hitting the GPUs and CPU. Which means you may want to toy with throwing a rad somewhere between the GPUs and CPU.

As both setups stand right now, you're cooling the water before it goes to the rez and after it comes from the rez; but there is no heat source in that part of the loop. Which means your 240 Rad won't have any heat left to pull out because the 360 Rad is doing all the work.

You may want to check into some pics of systems such as IBuyPower or Alienware to get an idea of how they run their setups.

Another option would be to invest in a second pump and possibly second rez and run two independent loops: (1) GPUs, (2) everything else

Just curious (because I was considering moving to liquid cooling only on my vidcard) how are you planning on cooling the VRAM? Just small ramsinks?

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I honestly would grab a second pump and isolate (since you have two rads) the GPUs and the CPU...