Best Graphics Card for 3x Screens

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My first rig is nearly completed but now I'm wondering about graphics cards (again!).

I plan to play games across three screens with each at 1920 x 1080 in 3D.

Nvidia has their version of surround 3d called "3D Vision Surround Technology" (more info)

AMD also has theirs called "AMD HD3D" in "Eyefinity". (more info)

Which card(s) would be best for this? I don't mind which make.

Thanks for any advice given.

Please note, a single GPU on my board will run at x16, dual will be x8, x8 and three way is x8, x8, x4.

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Here's my choice: HIS IceQ Turbo H6970:

It's two DVI and one HDMI, so depending on the monitors in question you may be looking at a couple cable types (but, heck, my new HannSpree came with a DVI to HDMI in the box) but you've got your 3 synched displays there, plus the card is fully Crossfire capable if you need more GPU power.

Gigabyte and Sapphire also have similarly configured cards.

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If you are looking to game in 3D across multiple displays, NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround is more renowned than AMD's HD3D. However, for Surround to work (either 2D or 3D), you will need to use multiple cards in SLI unless you have the GTX 590.

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Looks like I'll be heading down the GTX 590 route.

Any particular cards you can recommend (eg. MSI, Gigabyte) or are they all the same?

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Most cards of the same model have the exact same pcb they just have different looking/better performing cooling solutions. There are some, however, that are slightly overclocked (20-30 Mhz) from the stock clock or (not the case with the gtx 590 because it has 3GB of memory) have more dedicated graphics memory or different display adapters for more screens. You may have to wait a while for a gtx 590 because all of the ones shown on newegg and ncix are out of stock.

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I usually buy with (usually good money and service and in UK) and they have an MSI version in stock for £642.71 (around $1000), is there any chance of a price drop soon?

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There is also a DUO Gpu gtx 460 out there,

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