Best FPS Gaming Mouse?

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My G3 is basically dead now, I can't even play games correctly because it's skipping frames when I move it too fast and it lags when I move it too slow. So I guess it's time for a new mouse after three years, and I can't decide what mouse to use.

My choices:
Razer Deathadder

Right now, I play with 6/11 Window Sens, 1.8 Sens on CS:S, with 400DPI. I don't think window sens matters because it's cancelled out when in-game.

Since my three choices have like 3.5k or more DPI, would it be possible to retain my 1.8 Sens on CS:S while having 3.5k or more DPI without my mouse changing speed, but instead a smoother movement?

If you have any other choices, please recommend them to me. Money should not be a problem but I wouldn't want to spend over $80 on a mouse.


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You should go with a Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance or Sentinel Z3R0-G.
Eventualy a SpeedLink Kudos, Prestigio PMSG1, Ozone Smog. Great mice for FPS.

And btw 1.8 sens x 400 dpi = 0,2 sens x 3600 dpi as for the mouse speed, but 0,2 x 3600dpi is much more precise.
Same mouse speed, more precision.

You are a low sense player which means you move your mouse really fast - you need a mouse with a high tracking speed.

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Oh thanks for clearing up how the sensitivity and dpi varies, so it varies directly.

And thanks for those recommendations, I'll check them out.

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Also, check out

Rodney Reynolds,

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Anyone else have recommendations?

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There's really no "best", it just depends on which feels best for you. I have a G9 (same as G9X just slightly different specs) and it does me just fine, pretty good mouse and I love having the profile switcher right there by my left click...for example, it makes changing sensitivity for on foot or in vehicle in BF3 a breeze, almost 2nd nature. Best thing you can do is go to a local store and get a feel for them in your for sensitivity setting wise, you can fine tune it to how you want, just set the DPI high and set it in-game or in windows to fine tune it to how you like it...or just use a lower DPI and fine tune from there. Razer likely has more customizeable sensitivity settings though, last razer I had was a copperhead so I'm not sure how far their software has come since then

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I think it's best to drive to a local store and try what they have on display to get a feel for the mouse. Using the wrong mouse for your hand type is a guarantied discomfort. As a gamer look for a mouse that has a usb pulling rate between 500Hz ~ 1000Hz and a DPI button on the mouse. I'm pretty sure everyone already said this information, but I'm board. :P

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I have both the Logitech G9x and the Razer Deathadder.

I bought the deathadder only recently because it was the best recommanded mouse for RTS games ( starcraft 2) but i came back to my G9X because I had a tendinitis during the 2weeks of deathadder use Oo. So of course i'll recommend the G9X and even if i had no tendinitis, i clearly think G9X is superior for FPS.

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