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Mr Fisharox
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I am currently deciding on what to upgrading my video card to.

My current system specs:
Cpu: Intel core 2 duo @ 3Ghz
GPU: Radeon 5500 1Gb DDR3
Power supply: 540 watts
Ram: 8Gbs (DDR3)

I have looked at a few new choices and im finding it hard to decide on what to buy.
So i am looking for anybody who has a idea of a good card that is within my price range.
My Price range is $120-$150. (by the way i live in Australia)
My only preference is i want a card with DDR5 Memory.
I am a Gamer and i also want to be using in game capturing programs, such as Fraps.

Anyone who has a good card is welcome to post :)

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at these price range (for 150$) you could buy a 6870 or a 560 non-ti version but you need to pick one with a rebate to have it at these price... (they'll surely drop when the 660ti will came out) or i can suggest the 550ti or the 6850 for that, but their 2 bigger brothers really worth the 20-30$ more...

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Radeon 6850!