ATI Radeon 5850 airflow in a Silverstone FT02 Case?

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I am expecting to put the Sapphire Radeon 5850 in a Silverstone FT02 case, but...

--The FT02 case blows air up from the bottom of the case.
--The motherboard is turned so that the PCI slots are vertical in the case, not horizontal
--The Radeon card has 'vents' that will face the fans.

Are those vents pushing air out of the card?
Are those vents drawing air into the card?

If the vents are pushing air out, then the air from the fans of the case will block that air, and the card will run much hotter.

Thanks, in advance, to those who can answer this query.

Regards, Bob Hyatt

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As we all know heat rises, so all the heat will rise up out of the case,with the help of the fans, and it would keep everything cool.