ATI Firepro vs NVIDIA Quadro

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Greetings from Spain and congrats on your charismatic work when camera is on, Rodney.

The question:

I've seen this benchmark at where comparing Firepro 7900 with Nvidia Quadro 6000, amd's video card rocks, also giving the difference in price which, at least, here in Spain, even the rest of Europe, is humongous. Is the difference as big as the benchmark states? Maybe it has something to do with the kind of software the cards are intended for, drivers performance...?
I´m interested on these cards for professional purposes (Architecture visualization mainly)

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Yea, the high price for these pro video cards, especially the NVIDIA one not only has to do higher quality components, but also tech support and specialized software. CAD and CAM applications require professional graphics cards. But I stress professional here. If all your doing is a bit of 3D modeling or something along those lines it's probably not worth it.


Rodney Reynolds,

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wow, that one was fast. Thank you. I´ll do some research, regarding the software I use most (3d studio and autocad btw) and I'll post here my conclussions.

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Yeah, if you're using Blender in Windows or Linux and you cannot afford a professional video card as a consumer, what difference does it make?

I used to model a simple gallery with fancy picture frames and nice lighting and this all renders to a 300dpi image ready to be put in Adobe InDesign when I was in the graphics class. And no I don't have InDesign at home. I try to use open source as much as I can. If only I have the rendered photos available, I'd be glad to post it here.

All-in-all, all the 3D rendering is done in at home using AMD Athlon X2 4050e and built-in Radeon HD 3200 chip. Again, I do some modeling in Blender.

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