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hi am am interested in buying 2x5850 but i am not sure what brand to go for or club 3D or his can you tell me whats the main difference in these brands. (ps i found the club 3D once 100euro less the the his ) tnx in advance


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The difference would be the warranty and support. XFX has a double Lifetime warranty that is transferable if you ever sell it. You have to register it within 30 days for the lifetime warranty.
They are all the same reference card. I have never heard of club 3d and I don't know what there customer service is like.

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i would go for HIS, i mean they are well knowen and they have excelant support. Club3D aren't as knowen and aren't as veteren as HIS.
ummm i would consider getting just 1 HD5870 atm and saving a bit for a new one. 1 HD5870 is enough for every game on the market atm and it would way more future proof your system. as a matter of fact i don't see a reason of getting 2xHD5850s or 2xHD5870s unless you are running 2 or more screens at 2560x1600p.
take that in mind, one HD5870 is gonna do just fine atm, and then you can CF another one when the Fermi's come out and get it for a much lower price!

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If I were you, I'd go with XFX because they have awesome warranties. I have to agree with DJ Neta about the 5870 though.