ATI 5750 Good For Gaming?

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Hello. I am deciding that is time to update my graphic card and my power supply. I have some question and some help from you to help me decide to get the latest and good graphic card on a good money budget value. My resolution is 1440x900. I play several games and looking for a graphic card that can at least handle with high settings at this resolution. I did some research and found a couple of review and feedback about ATI 5750. My question is, is this card worth the money for gaming? The game i usually play is MW2 (the one i have trouble playing max settings with my current graphic card) TF2, League of Legends, and possibly the new upcoming game Call of Duty Blackops. Will ATI 5750 worth the money and run all my games smooth or there is another better graphic card out there that outperforms this one? Currently i also need to uppgrade to a new power supply. Any recommendation of a power supply and a graphic card? My money budget is up to $250 max for both items. Any help and comment will really appreciate it. Thanks

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i would try for an NVIDIA GTX460 or atleast an ATI 5770.
a 5750 isnt quite enough to achieve what your looking for but a 5770 can do it and a 460 can too