ATI 4870 v AMD 6790

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Hi All

I am currently running a G0 Q6600 @3ghz with 6gig geil ultra ram with a 4870 and it runs perfect in dx10 for any game like crysis 2 etc butam thinking of getting a 6790 as the price is right and i can have 2 on my mobo.

So apart from the fact the 6790 is DX11 will i have any benefit from the newcard. ut only running 1 to startwith....



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I don't think the upgrade will be worth it for the money. You will only see a marginal difference in preformance and those cards aren't really meant for CF. If you really want a decent upgrade, I would go for the 6850 at minimum.

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depends really, the 6790 is DX 11, and the newer ver.
as for the 4870, you will see a change in the way the game or video looks.
but over all, that is about the only diff you will really see, and you might some heat drops with the newer card as well.

but other then that, its only if you really want to upgrade to a new card, but if your gonna play Crysis 2, or any of the newer games, you might want to upgrade. Crysis 2 is a high graphics demanding game.

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i recomand to wait till the next serie 7xxx or nvidia 6xx because they will have a die shrink. they are now half node shirked from the 4870 (55nm) while the ones now are 40nm. the fab skipped 32 nm and will have 28nm ready very soon. it will greatly increase the performance while keeping tbp the same or probably even lowers it.
the 7xxx might launch at the same time as bulldozer but i'm not sure but if you want a new gpu naw than buy 6870 or higher. because CF isn't the best thing and doesn't work in every game.

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Looks like you have been given many choices. I also have a Q6600 at 3GHz. My upgrade from the 4870 to a 6850 was about the same performance overall, but it gave me DX11 and it runs with alot less power. I kind of wanted something with a little more power like a 6870, maybe on my next build. I say this because DX11 is very demanding, don't buy a cheap video card. If it was me in your shoes you have a few options to consider. Most motherboards with a Q6600 limit you to 8X PCI Express speeds if you Crossfire rather than 16X for a single card and that 8X will reduce your performance. My Vote is to buy one single video card that is 6870 or higher. And the reason for this is because DX11 needs alot of Stream Processing Units.

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I wouldn't bother getting anything less than a HD6870 really. Anything less isn't worth the money. I recently upgraded from a 1GB HD4870 to a HD6970 and am very happy with the upgrade. If I were you I would buy one good card (eg HD6950/GTX560 or HD6970/GTX570) and you will definitely notice the upgrade. You can always add another one later if for some reason you decide you need to upgrade further.

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Just save up and upgrade when you really need to.

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I have a Q6600 as well (o/c to 3.5ghz), 8gigs of ram and originally 1 asus 4870 (dark knight edition). However I recently formatted and am running at stock speeds.

About a year and a bit ago I decided to get another matching 4870.

glad I went the cheaper route as this rig eats and destroys anthing that I load onto it. You name the game and I run it at 2048 X 1152 (native for my samsung 23inch) with all settings on max depending on the game.

i initially bought this rig in fall 2009, knowing the new processors were coming out (i5 i5 etc), as well as the new 5000 series radeon had come out a few months before. I did it knowing I was going a cheaper route, but would gain performance if I needed it by overclocking.

I can tell you i could leave this thing at all stock speeds like it is now and it still wouldnt have any problem with anything you throw at it.

If you looking to upgrade I would suggest just grabbing another 4870, you could prolly find a matching one cheap as shit now. it will tide you over until you buy your next rig at the same time as saving you a few bucks. then you can get all new and updated hardware at that time.

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