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recently, I bought Xonar DG sound card!
The sound quality emproved, but there is still one thing that I am not completely pleased with.
It's the driver software. As much as I was trying to find the option for playing the audio, both on the rear (speaker) port and the front port (for the headphones), I just wasn't able to find it.

So my question is, does that kind of option exists, and if not, could you give an idea on hove to play the audio in the same time on my speakers and headphones.

Update: Just playing BF3; in Volume Mixer it doesn't show BF3 column!

Also, I would like for this thread to be the one in which you are going to post all your comments and questions about this sound card!

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I'm not familiar with that particular software but I imagine your card should be capable.

I am using an onboard 8 channel sound system, by Realtek. Within my "advanced settings" I am able to tell it to ignore the front/rear output device when a set of headphones is plugged in. Or to have it play two streams simultaneously. The latter gives me the option to control certain applications or games to do what you're talking about.

Looking at the Xonar software though I don't see this capability. It's possible you can still isolate certain applications to use whichever output you want via the audio sound control options in Windows, or if your game allows it somewhere within its settings. The only other possibility I can think of is to use an audio splitter. When you plug in your headphones and go into your audio sound control do you see different playback devices?

About BF3. Are you reloading the audio controls after having started the game? IE; when I want to mute just Chrome it doesn't appear in the dialogue as an option to mute until there's audio coming from Chrome. I normally load up youtube or such first then re open it and then it appears.

Sorry to hear that it's frustrating though. There might be third party software capable of doing this too if it comes down to that.

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Thx for the reply!

I contacted the ASUS customer servise, and their reply said that the function of playing the sound at the same time on the FP and rear port isn't supported by this card.

As for the Volume control, the problem still occurs, even though I reinstalled the driver.
One good thing is that sound levels of Chrome, Winamp, etc. are remebered after shutting down. Actually two good things, when I start the PC, sound 'by default' goes to the rear (speakers) port.

And now the main reason of my further consirns, driver crashes one second after starting it/windows

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: AsusAudioCenter.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4d802c45
Fault Module Name: AsusAudioCenter.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4d802c45
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0000d170
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1050
Additional Information 1: 9b1f
Additional Information 2: 9b1f93e7e6f906c22fe667afbfd71c29
Additional Information 3: 7eea
Additional Information 4: 7eea811e5d75c40724a41173e9010596

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Godo, have you disabled your onboard audio in the bios and uninstalled older audio drivers (and used driver sweeper to remove remaining realtek/via/c-media files)?
Have you tried reinstalling Windows?

I also do not have the option to simultaniously play audio on the rear and front panel on my Xonar DG.
But I do not get the driver problems you are expiriencing, not even a single time.

You probably know all that becouse we talked about it some time ago (Bug forum & Xfire I believe).
It is nice to see you on this forum too. :)

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It is nice to see you too!
Rodney, you have at least two forum members from Croatia. :D

As for Xonar DG problems, I managed, somehow in some way, to fix most of the problems (last phases of testing are still in progress), but Volume Control still does not recognize games.

In order to help other users who may have similar problems, yesterday i was trying as hell to fix the problem by reinstalling the software (even used Revo uninstaller).
It just didn't work, and luckily today after the first turn on, driver was working good, although I reinstalled it because of choosing HD Audio instead of AC'97 because that way the rear port became 'primary' (with AC'97 FP conector is the one to which audio center redirects sound automaticaly after starting the pc).

To sum up!
It look's like the main problem is solved.
Still, there are few minor ones to take care of!