Asus rampage III extreme wont POST

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Hi guys!

Just got my new gaming rig's parts and put them togeather 2 weeks ago.

First up it booted fine, I configured RAID and installed windows 7 x64 Ultimate on it.

Next time I boot up nothing happens :O

I connect my laptop to it and use ROG PostIt and get a post message "CPU Initial" ?= no post at all

What is worng? I have RMA:d my CPU, Mobo and the PSU. PSU was swapped but the others were diagnosed fully functional.


1x WD Caviar Black 1B (MASS STORAGE)
2x Intel x25-M 80GB in RAID 0
1x Samsung ? 300GB (USB-SATA bridge broke, a formal external drive)

MOBO ASUS Rampage III Extreme
CPU Intel i7-920
PSU Corsair HX1000W
RAM Corsair dominator 6GB
GPU ASUS ENGTX480 (nVidia GeForce 480)
Case Antec Twelve Hundred (slightly different from Rodney's review)

plz help? D: