Asus rampage II gene

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Hey everyone

Today i went to the hardware store and bought just about anything i need for a pc.
I bought:
Asus Rampage II gene mATX LGA1366 motherboard
Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU Cooler.
Corsair xms3 ddr3 6gb 1600mhz
HDD and finaly Windows 7 64 bit

I already have a case 700w psu and the i7 920.

Im waiting a bit for the gpu wars to end, and ill decide my gpu later. Until then i have an old 9500GT, so i will at least be able to play some low end games.

I dont know if i should actualy type this in the forums, or if its kinda pointless.
But it seems either the store or ASUS screwed up. I got the motherboard a manual the lcd poster sata cables and ide/floppy cables. Something missing? YEA! IO shield, and the cool sticker!!

So tomorrow i will call the store and inform them about whats happened.

If anyone out there has a Rampage II Gene i'd like to ask.

What accesories did YOU get? (dont just google it and link it, i want it from someone who actualy has the board)

Was there some kind of security seal? (my box didnt have any of those plastic/sticky tape security seals. Either it doesnt come with it, or someone removed mine and possibly the accesories)

Otherwise im looking forward to build even though this event disappointet me.

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I bought that exact same MB from newegg 2 months ago-Amazing board especially for matx. Only thing is I got it open box for $140-so I had no cables-no plate-no manuel-nothing-just the board itself. I tried to look up a io plate on ebay but they charge like $15-$20 for it which in my mind was not worth it.
Yes if you bought it new there should be a security seal!

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I returned the motherboard without any issues.
I got a new unit with all the accesories, and im even typing this reply on the rig :)
Its running like a charm, and i was amazed of how easy it was to put together a kickass system (kinda, need a new video card, 9500gt is a bit outdated)