Asus maximus CPU LED is red

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i recently have built my computer, but when i turned it on the monitor detects no signal but every thing else in the case works fine. After looking at my motherboard, next to the 24pin connector the Q LED light shines red for the cpu. What may be the problem? cpu/motherboard failure?
Can someone please help me.
Thanks in advance !!!

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Contact ASUS, they should tell you what the problem is. I think it might be a CPU failiure because you said its the CPU light that is red.

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Have you tried clearing CMOS?

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I have the new big brother version of the mobo. One of three things is going on. Mobo related failure, CPU failure, or improperly installed CPU. If the later, you just ruined your mobo. If you did not damage the socket, call ASUS and see about an RMA and dot he same for the CPU if you can.

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Are there any beep codes? If no, I would also have to say it'll be the CPU.

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The most likely that I've seen is the aux power to the CPU not being connected. The CPU can't kick on because the motherboard isn't getting enough power to the voltage converter to supply power, and the board reads this as CPU failure.

Then, what everyone else said. Bad CPU, funky MB, or you just somehow put things in wrong. Have you verified CPU placement position (key corner to key on socket)?

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