Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Thermal Compound Already Applied?

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I just got my arctic cooling freezer 7 pro yesterday and after un-boxing it I noticed they applied a coat of thermal compaund on the heatsink. Should I remove it and apply my own? I read on the box that they used there own brand of thermal compound. Any suggestions?

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I got one of these as well. It comes with Arctic Cooling MX-2 already applied, which is pretty comparable with Arctic Silver 5. I personally removed it and went with some Tuniq TX-3.

If you want the best cooling performance possible then go with either Tuniq TX-3 or TX-2. TX-3 is harder to apply than TX-2 but performs better. TX-2 still performs better than anything else out there besides TX-3 though. So go with one of those and you'll see better performance out of your cooler.

Arctic Cooling MX-2 is still pretty nice though. It's just not the absolute ultimate top of the line stuff. It's really up to you. If you're planning on overclocking a little though, I would recommend that you go with TX-3. I personally went with TX-3 not because I'm overclocking, but because I just put in an AMD Phenom II X4 940 into a moderately sized mid tower case. Because of this I wanted to have the best cooling possible for my cpu, since my case doesn't have the same air flow that a full tower would.