AOD255E Too fast for BIOS access

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Hi Guys - I upgraded my little Acer Aspire One netbook yesterday with RAM and a SSD.
All went well, it's a pretty straight forward thing. The SSD already had a X64 version of W7 on it from another machine, and it booted up fine.
The reason for the upgrade was because I wanted to try out W8.

So I had an image of the Win8 build on a USB, I plugged it in and allowed it to format and install Win8 x64.

Now HERE is the problem. I found that ACER provides plenty of X32 drivers but none for X64. So I was going to install the X32 version. I put the USB key with the X32 version in and attempted to run the SETUP, and Windows told me I needed to use the X64 version. No worries I thought - I'll just open the BIOS and change the boot priority and have it boot from the USB.

It boots so fast that I can't seem to get the BIOS to come up! Is there any Command line command I can use to force it to boot into the BIOS? Does anyone have any ideas aside from pulling the SSD and putting in the old hard drive?

Acer Aspire One D255E, 2GB RAM, and a 240GB Corsair Force series GT.
(The SSD WILL eventually be going into my main system once I get done playing with W8)

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UPDATE and Quick fix!

So after hammering away keyboard-wise with what seemed to be about a thousand reboots, I finally pulled the back cover off and pulled the drive clear. Then I re-installed the battery, powered up, and BAM! I was able to get into the BIOS.

So I finally was able to update the boot priority, shut it down, slide the SSD back into place, and reboot from the USB key. Installed the 32-bit version of Windows 8 and have it all updated.

An odd problem that I had hoped I didn't have to pull things apart again for, but sometimes, "IBM" - It works Better Manually.

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It was all for nothing. The only reason to bounce up to W8 from W7 would be if you had touchscreens. I don't see any benefits other than that as of yet. Still, the SSD upgrade will certainly help when I go BACK to W7.

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Windows 8 is still rather too rough in the "Developer's Preview" to be considered a usable OS. But, yes, the tablet functionality in this early phase is IMPRESSIVE, and I'm hoping we will see other system enhancements by the time we see an actual Win8 Beta.

Glad you got your PC figured out.

Nick McDermott

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Still a bit to early to use it as a stable OS.

Rodney Reynolds,