Anybody with a HD5850?

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Well title almost says it, i want a 5850!
Monitor: 1280x1024
PSU: 700w
i7 920 6gb ram asus rampage II gene - thats all good
I know the PSU can handle it. Just wanna know what performance i can expect at 1280x1024. Ive seen some guys getting around 35 fps in crysis on very high with 8xAA. I think its too good to be true. If anybody has a similar i7 rig would you please check framerate @ 1024x1024 on very high. Maybe a couple of AA settings.

Think it looks great for the value, but i wanna wait for nvidia, so prices might drop. Or maybe nvidia will start pricing their products better. They are WAY overpriced in Denmark. GTX 285 is about 600$ here, and the 5850 is around 400. Yea its pricy here! I wanna live in the US :(

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You really do not need a a 5850 for 1280x1024-I mean i am using a gts 250 right now with Crysis on high-2xaa getting 20-35fps. I would wait to save enough for a new monitor+new graphics when GF100 comes out.
p.s Gonna be called gt470,460 (first GF100 models)

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woops forgot to mention i might upgrade my monitor :)
and yes im waiting for that famous nvidia push and then il decide.

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I have an HD 5850 and it is flipping awesome! I play Crysis at all very high (no AA) at 1920x1080 with Catalyst 10.1 and I get on average about 32fps - 25fps or so in intense situations, 60fps in indoor areas (well, only some - most about 50fps) and just walking around in the first 2 levels, 35fps+ calmly. The slowest I've ever got with Crysis was 12fps in "Paradise Lost" during the cut-scene when that alien thing shoots loads while you and Prophet are taking cover behind the rocks.

If you're getting a bigger monitor of 1680x1050 or bigger, get the HD 5850, otherwise get the HD 5770. Also, you don't really need AA on in Crysis (well, as long as you have a high resolution).

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Yea i know, the AA was just for stressing the GPU when they benchmarked it.

But i think im gonna get a 5850 and a bigger monitor

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the HD5850 is amazing! and you know what, i belive that it dose those numbers, even tho i don't own one - trust me i've done my research and i almost dcided to buy it (the entire computer purchase got postponded and im almost sure im gonna go with the HD5870 in the near future).

trust me on this: the HD5850 is worth every penny and it is an AMAZING GPU!
if i were you, i would wait untill the GF100s come out and the price of the HD5850 should drop. they are gonna be realced soon so i think its worth waitting!

Dj Neta =)
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oh, and yah - we are kinnda having fun :)