Any point to overclocking RAM?

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Is there really any point to overclocking RAM? Will it make a huge difference in performance, or just a small difference?

I want to overclock my RAM but I want to know if it's really worth it or not.

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yep it's werth it even if you get a small gain in performance and app's load time's if its not running at it's maximum setting's eg: mhz and timeings your throwing cash away it's like you buy a really fast sport's car that can do 160mph and you only do 80mph lol...

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Umm thats only true if your ram is not running atleast 1600mhz. After 1600mhz the change is pretty much imperceptible. Still hey might be fun for you?

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IHMO it will not make a noticeable difference with your current hardware.

Is there something that you feel runs slow? Your CPU is fast. Your OS is fast. You have lots of memory. But your video cards are cheap and crossfired rather than one really nice video card, could be a game bummer if that is your concern. You didn't list your harddrive. The newest SATA II SSD's read at 250MB/s and Write at 140MB/s, it's a vast improvement from regular drives benching at 85MB/s reads at their very best. Check your Windows 7 score and if your drive score is the lowest mark at around 5 then you will know what I'm talking about.

So put SSD's on your upgrade path this year. Or sell the two video cards for a higher-end one. :)

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Lol, SSD's are pretty expensive, but I have seen one that can do 250MB/s write and read. It's pretty impressive, but I think it's somewhere around $800 just for 250GB of storage space that reads and writes really fast, lol. If you want to get better performance out of your hard drive you could always buy another identical one and do a RAID configuration too.

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Yeah that's why I wanted your guy's input on it. My RAM is only DDR2, so it's slower than DDR3 and I was wondering if overclocking it would make a difference.

As for my Hard Drive, it's a Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM SATA II drive with 750GB of storage.

SSD's are awesome and would make a HUGE increase in performance for my system, but unfortunately I can't afford them. =(

Thanks for all of your input though, I really appreciate it.