Any issues with the razer lachesis mouse?

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Ive been browsing for a bit looking at mice lately and found this mouse. It seems like a good performer, but I've been using logitech for years now (now their lineup isn't appealing this time around) and I'm just wondering if there are any negatives to the lachesis besides being corded (can save the headache of changing batteries every month and a half :\ )

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I tried my first razor product about 6 years ago.

I now have razor lachesis mouse
and razor lycosa keyboard.

I will never ever buy another type of mouse or keyboard again unless it is razor. Yes they are that good. But a warning if you decided to get a razor mouse or keyboard nothing else will satisfy you.

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The mouse is just fine, I owned one for awhile, my only complaint was that my hand cramped up after about 1 hour of use, but only when gaming, that is why I got a new mouse otherwise it was a good performer.

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I am wanting to get the Lycosa along with the Naga Epic, Nostromo, and the Vespula. I have heard from some reviews that Razer has really nice looking products (which I agree) but brake within 8 months. Also, I have heard that the rubber off the Lycosa's keys will ware off quickly and the plastic underneath the rubber is clear; making it impossible to see the letter on the key. Another problem I have heard is that the touch pad has problems and the backlighing turns on and off randomly. Is any of this true? How long have you had you Lycosa?

If I do not get those products I'm thinking of getting Logitech G19, and the G9x, or the Cyborg RAT9, and the Cyborg v7 keyboard. For a while I have been doing a lot of research and I can't make up my mind on the three brands.