anti static wrist bands help

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ok i have read so many mixed reviews on anti static wrist bands and not to sure what to do i have always just left the pc pluged into the wall and switched the plug off at the wall then touched the back of the PSU to earth myself.

now the reviews, some say leave the pc pluged into the wall and just switch the plug off at the wall attach the clip to bare metal on the case and work away.
others say unplug the power from the wall attach clip to bear metal on case and work away.

now not to sure which one to go with as i have seen so many pc builds on the internet and one of the last thing to go into the case is the PSU so there is no earth to the wall just the anit static strap is clipped onto the case so what do i do ????????????????

and just to say i know the straps can get in the way but ill find a way to work with it

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There are alternative options you can go with these days such as a wireless anti-static wrist strap which doesn't need to be connected to a piece of metal. Another is using an anti-static mat to install your hardware. If you are careful and occasionally ground yourself, a wrist strap isn't really necessary.