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if i was to place an antec spot cool fan right on my 5770 how much cooler would it be, would it be significant or barley anything.
my 5770 is around 68 load and 34 idle

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Just depends if the spot you are point the fan on is hot. 34 idle is pretty good and 68 load is also good. Normally a side fan is good enough for a video card.

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i would get on and place it so it would blow air right into the GPU. i mean place it where there are two holes (the holes that hole the power-connectors on the 5850 are empty on the 5870, thats where i mean).
i think it would drop temps by a couple of degrease.

but i don't think that AntecSpotCool fans are the right solutions for GPUs, i would have added another case fan that would also cool the other and move much more air (i think that it would move up to x3 more air then the AntecSpotCool fans) for less money!
check this out:
its a bit loud, but it moves 133CFM wich is AMAZZIIIIINGGG!
its allllot more then the AntecSpotCool fans and it'll cool up everything alot more then what an AntecSpotCool fan would do to just one product.

Hope this helps

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