AMD won't showcase bulldozer because of a chipset problem sais fudzilla

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tomorrow amd will show its new cpu architecture named bulldozer it will be showed at cebit

the architecture is designed for 3.5+ghz operation speed it will have a new turbo clock but it uses algorithms that work whit tbp instead of temperature. so its different than Intel's. thye say even a 0.5ghz(30sec) boost even if all cores are working.
amd will also revive its FX branding

some rumours say faster than the current core i 7.


lets hope that it has good performance and wins from intel so that Intel has to make there chips better + better "fight" and that it will get more like 50% 50% market share. (hope that intel doesn't cheat)

ps i know Intel has the best cpus now but we need more of a fight so that we don't pay 1000€ for a cpu(x6) that's overpriced. i can also post more link if you are interested or want more

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Let's hope this is an earthshaker. Go, AMD!

And for all of you Intel fans out there, remember that competition drives development.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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I am keeping my eyes in next-generation Bulldozer APUs, especially the 28nm Wichita APUs for tablets. :)

Perhaps Windows 8 will go into beta by then (Spring to Summer 2012, I hope). Until then, I'm keeping Windows Vista with my 780G motherboard.

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eum you are mixing up the apu's (and cpu's) bobcat is made for the smaller notebooks and netbooks (vs atom) this will go to the tablets and it will be up to 4 cores at 28nm. they also clocked dawn the zacate (or lower clas bobcat ) so it had an tdp of 5 watts for tablets.
Bulldozer on the other hand will be the high end desktop cpu and server CPU next gen will be apu's they probably want to test bulldozer architecture in smaller dies to see what the yields are and how fast it is . so for now it wil be an 8 core 4module cpu so it has 2 128bit fpu units / module and they can work as 1 256bit fpu unit. so they share the fpu calculators to 2 int cores and they share L2 cache / module so they cpu will have less transistor for more performance. they said the fpu units won't be a bottle neck and they will probably do fpu calculations whit the gpu in the next generation (because this one is a cpu and not an apu)

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I think it's almost time to upgrade!...again! lol.