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The AMD APU series CPU's have a technology called dual graphics. It is when you can combine the onboard graphics power with a specific graphics card. It is sort of like crossfire. My real question is, How does one setup AMD APU dual graphics? I heard the the a6-3670 will work in dual graphics with a hd 6670 gpu.

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For this technology to work, you will need an AMD APU with an AMD DX11 video card.

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Yep the AMD A6-3670 will work with a 6670.

You just install the APU and the graphicscard and then it should showup as dual graphics after you install the drivers.

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The CrossFire bridge is handled over the PCIe bus, rather than in the normal fashion with the circuit bridge. This unfortunately limits this to two GPUs (one on the APU, one on the card) but won't significantly affect the PCIe bus as a 16x channel is dedicated for this feature.

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