AMD Memory controller

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I need to clarify some doubts, I have a msi motherboard and processor 870A Fuzion II AMD Phenom x2 but I do not buy the ram. My question is;

- What is the memory controller?
- That memory is better for motherboard supports up to DDR3 1600MHz OC

heard the controller improves the performance of ram memory but only some

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The memory controller is always on the AMD processors themselves. You can pretty much ignore the motherboard recommendations (aside from which memory bus they have bridged, e.g. DDR2 or DDR3) and focus on what is recommended for your AMD CPU.

Do buy high-rated name brand memory as a lot of the cheap stuff looks good, but can generate sync errors, resulting in an unstable system, or just may not work at all.

You can safely use 1066Mhz DDR3 safely, but faster memory will result in a quicker machine.

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Hey, current AM3 processors are able to control memory upto 1333MHz. The memory can be overclocked further if supported by your Memory and motherboard.