AMD a10 5800k or 965 be?

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i am going to be building a gaming rig next month and i planned on using the 965 but now that the new apu in out

i am not so sure

i have read that there are benifits using an apu with a radeon gpu and since im already getting the HIS 2 gb 7850

i was wondering if the benefits of the gpu+apu combination would out-do the 965 be

im not going to hardcore o.c. if that helps

thanks all

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The Trinity APUs are nice because you can build a system on the cheap without having to worry about video cards.

If you are already intending to defeat the APU, you may find that a general FX 4000 series would be a better investment than both the APU and the Phenom II X4 given it's excellent overclocking potential (this can often offset the slower x86 operation of the FX line).

Remember that the new Trinity A10 APUs are using the updated Piledriver CPU architecture, and the FX 4000 Piledriver won't hit the market until later his month, and may be hard to find initially. Piledriver is an updated Bulldozer, and will be hitting 10% x86 operational performance than it's ancestor. It's still not perfect (and will be replaced by another Bulldozer modification) but these are still very quick CPUs.

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