Amd 6970 or Amd 7870?

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Hi there im buying a new system and i dont know whitch GPU to buy?

The system is gonna have this specs;

CASE: Nox Hummer SX
PSU: NOX sonar 780 Watts 80 plus Or XFX Core edition 750 Watts Pro
RAM: 2x4 GB DDR3 Gskill Sniper 1600
BOARD: Asus Sabertooth 990FX
CPU: AMD FX 8120
HDD: 1 200 GB Intel SSD + 2 WD velociraptor 600 GB raid 0
GPU: Not sure yet or the 6970 or the 7870

I only play games in this computer and watch a few movies but i would like to have some opinions and the intel processors are out of the way in my budget so i would like some opinions

Tks in Advance

Rui Ponte

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7870 would be a better choice. It is stronger and consumes far less power.

PSU is too overkill for that configuration. More than a Modular 550W good quality PSU is not needed.
Intel i5 2500k would fall in that budget too, I do not see why not.

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As a rule of thumb, it is usually better to invest in a newer generation card. In this case, the 7870 outperforms the 6970 so that would be the way to go.

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7870, hands down. Also, I believe I read somewhere that when overclocked performs on par with the 7950. 7870 is a beast!

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Rodney Reynolds,

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That 7870 gave the gtx 5xx series a devastating curb stomp, i think its an awesome payback against the gtx 680 slightly beating the 7970.