Am I seeing this right?

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So...when the ATi 4850 came out I got it for like $180 and it was a steal.

I had to replace that one with a refurbished one from visiontek a while back because of problems with it.

Anyway, I've been having "colored lines/dots" issue again with this card and I have a feeling it is going to kick the bucket again.

I had always looked at the 5850 and from what I heard it was kickass and like twice as fast as my 4850 but it was $300.

Today, I thought I was seeing things. I didn't know that the 6000 series came out. I haven't been following the technology world lately so I have a few questions for those of you that have been.

1. Am I seeing this!!! ATi 6850 for $180?? I remember the 4850 going up in price after I bought it for $180. Do I need to buy it now?
2. Is there a percentage for how much faster the 6850 is over the 5850 and 4850?
3. Is the 6870 worth the extra $60?
4. I have my specs below I believe in a signature. Would my cpu bottleneck it? Would I just notice a great performance boost form upgrading?
5. I don't care whether I get an ATi card or Nvidia. Does Nvidia have anything comparable out now or are they still behind?



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The 6850 is slightly less powerful than the 5850 actually. The 6000 series is more about efficiency than upping the power. The 6970 will be a different story, though. However, in its price range the 6850 is a good buy.

NVidia's best offering right now as far as price/performance is the GTX 460, which I use right now and it works great. It also uses less power and produces much less heat than the rest of the GTX 400 line. I would imagine it's comparable to the 6850 in power.

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You have a very similar build to mine. I don't think you'll need to worry too much considering the resolution you use for gaming. The proc should not be the bottleneck in that setup.

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