Air pressure and dust filters

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So, I have a Thermaltake A60 case. I want to add more fans because i have the original ones which creat negative air pressure ( 2 exhausting 1 intake). Should i had 2 more intakes ( 3 intakes 2 exhaust) or make a neutral pressure (3 intake 3 exhaust)? (and if positive pressure is better than neutral why?)

Another question, When i add a fan to the side, i won't have a dust filter. Should i get/make one?
i heard that they reduce airflow.
The 2 front fans already have the dust filter of the case.

My idea is, 2 intake on the front with case dust filter / 1 intake side fan with no dust filter / 1 exhaust on top (no dust filter) / 1 exhaust on the back (no dust filter), what you think?


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I always follow the front/bottom intake and back/top exhaust. If you need dust filter there is a silverstone dust filter that can also make your fan perform similarly to their AP fans.

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You can add a side fan without a filter, just make sure you regularly go into your rig with a can of compressed air and clean everything out. Even with filters, this needs to be done at least yearly. The filters reduce dust and dirt but they don't eliminate it.

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Remember that dust filters don't really affect airflow amounts ASSUMING YOU KEEP THEM CLEAN! Dirty filters equals no air.

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