Advice on Off the shelve product or custom build.

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This might be a strange question to ask and hopefully in the right section.

Basically, I'm in my final year of a computing course at college and we have a massive project to do over the whole year. From planning and designing a company computer system right the way through to implementation and training although it is a fictitious company and not an actual real life scenario.

The question I require some knowledge or feedback on is.

When businesses/companies are upgrading their computer systems do they consider buying in motherboards, ram, all the hardware and assembling this? Even if they have outsourced the job to I.T specialists?

OR Do they go to Manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, HP and buy off the shelve pc's? I know that you can slightly customize your builds on sites such as these but myself personally, I have always opted to custom build my pc from scratch.. but this has always been a rig only for myself.

I can see the benefits of buying off the shelve pc's slightly outweigh custom rigs such as time not spent on building but, custom building, you can price 2 - 3 boards, processors and build that 'perfect' pc for running business applications.


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Corporations rely on OEM manufacturers (Dell, HP, etc.) to provide their computer systems. The biggest reason for this being OEM support and price. It's cheaper for these OEMs to build computers than it would be for the corporation.

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Big Companies usually don't consider buying in hardware, even if they have outsourced the job to "I.T specialists". However, if you ever had a custom built rig you would never EVER go back to using a off the shelve pc for work/business.

support and price.. hahaha.. you get what you pay for!

Have you ever tried to customize a off the shelve Dell, Compaq or HP?

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ya, usually a company will negotiate for a discount and buy in bulk to maximize efficiency.

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If it's for a company, I rather buying them configured or ready from a known brand. I would not spend my time building them...nope.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I`ll take everything said here into consideration :)

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You won't hit the quality/price of a custom built pc. Buying from a manufacturer comes with a certain degree of assurances and ease on the other hand. If you have on hand I.T. professionals there is no reason not to build your own pc's.
Another thing came to mind. What kind of computers are we talking about? Would they be common desktops people will be using at their desks, server computers, gpu-based super computers? I would still say go custom build unless we are talking about extremec ends of computing demand that cannot be built with commercial parts.

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