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Hi. I am purchasing the EVGA P55 LE motherboard, that uses 240 pin DDR3 memory, and I believe it is suggested to use 1.65 Volts on the RAM. However, I am completely confused on what kind, to buy. I know that the Corsair Dominator are very good, however, they are pricey. I was looking at timings and whatnot, and found, that number-wise, they are not the best, somehow. Reviews show that they are better, but the numbers say otherwise. If anyone really knows a lot about ram, and would like to help me out here, that would be great.

Oh, and heat-spreaders and heat-sinks are not extremely important, because I have a RAM cooler. Therefore, color is not a problem either. I am looking for ram in the $50-130 range too. I can go just a little bit higher if you think it is absolutely worth it.

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My suggestion would be to get the cheapest RAM you can. If you don't plan on overclocking then there is no real need for super fast RAM. Take a look at G.Skill, they make some nice budget sets.

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I can tell you that all those latencies (numbers) mean very little. Corsair is a good brand. I would focus more on getting the highest running speed and the largest amount of memory for the money. Heat spreaders are cool to look at but in the real world I doubt they provide extra MHz or cooling. If you want heat spreaders get them, but you can void the warranty adding your own. The potential for overclocking matters more on the chips and the motherboard.

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Corsair XMS3 :)

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ummm i don't wanna get into spesific modles but have a look at:
high end: Crucial, Corsair
mid end: G.skill, OCZ, Patriot, Mushkin, kingston
low end: well idk actually... i gusse FSP if they even make ram... not sure tho.

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